Sunday, March 23, 2008


How do I wait for a process to terminate?

How do I detect multiple instances of my program?

How do I find the path of my exe file?

Windows Shell
How do I find the path of the temp directory?

How do I fix the problem where tooltips appear under the taskbar?

How do I make my HTML Help (.CHM) file look like Windows help files?

Why does right clicking on my notification icon sometimes bring up the Windows taskbar menu as an overlapped double menu?

How do I make popup menus for notification (system tray) icons disappear after clicking elsewhere?

File System
Why can I only access a file when running in the debugger?

Why do fread and _read return EOF before the end of my file?

Dialog Boxes
Why does ShowWindow cause a flicker?

How do I disable font anti-aliasing (font smoothing) for a window?

Why are tabstops not working in my modeless dialog box?

How do I call the default dialog box window procedure?

How do I load a bitmap object from a BMP file in memory?

Common Controls
How Do I Create a Window with Visual Styles?

Why is my message box invisible until I press the ALT key?

How do I get rid of the ding that occurs when pressing enter on a TreeView control?

Why do ToolTip balloons flash or flicker sometimes?

Why can't I access the pages of my Property Sheet until they have been viewed?

How can I avoid flickering that occurs when using a custom paint routine with a common control?

Why don't expando buttons show up on a TreeView item after adding a child item?

Why is MonthCal_HitTest not working?

Why isn't my TreeView showing drag images?

Visual Studio
How can I insert location dependent information in my debugging messages?

Why does my application fail when run on computers that don't have Visual Studio installed?

How do I send trace messages to the debug console in Visual Studio?